Forgebank, Halton, commissioned by Lancaster Co-Housing.
Lancaster Co-Housing’s aspiration is to create an intergenerational community centred on social interaction and ecological values. As such the scheme places public realm at its heart as a platform for neighbourly interaction; facilitating the communal functions of the community and social sustainability of the overall development.

A pedestrian street runs as a central spine through the heart of the scheme, linking dwellings with communal facilities in the common house and its riverside terrace. This external space is designed to be pragmatic and functional, but also links to further subsidiary spaces, at a variety of scales, allowing for activities from food growing to play and laundry drying as well as individual reflection.The result is a development that has an overarching sense of neighbourhood.

Moving forward the community intend to develop the scheme out incrementally, once the initial phases have ‘bedded in’. Therefore the masterplan is supported by design parameters rather than rigid specifications, which can be adapted and applied as funds allow. In this spirit a community nursery has been established to deliver the softworks, and in this way the development will be evolved in time by its community in the same manner as it was conceived.