Awards, Competitions & Publications

2014 Civic Trust Award, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre Phase 2, Shortlisted
2013 Northern Design Award Finalist, Alderley Road, Cheshire
2012 Yeats A., Fotherinham, D., ‘Lancaster Co-housing project’ Green Building Magazine, Winter 2012
2012 Mara, F., ‘A natural backdrop: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’, Architects Journal, August 2012
2012 Landscape Institute publication, Local Green Infrastructure, featured case study: Bury Mount, Towcester
2012 Landscape Institute publication, Landscape architecture, a guide for clients, featured case study: Regent’s Park Theatre
2011 English Heritage publication, Valuing Places: Good Practice in Conservation Areas, featured case study: Bury Mount
2011 Museums and Heritage Award for Restoration; Bury Mount & the Watermeadows, Towcester
2011 Wakefield Civic Society Design Award; Burgage Square, Wakefield
2010 BALI Award, Bury Mount, Towcester
2010 BURA Tourism & Recreation Award; Knaresborough
2010 BALI Land Renewal and Regeneration Award; Bury Mount, Towcester
2010 Civic Trust Award, Stanbrook Abbey, North Yorkshire
2009 Sandygate Square competition, Burnley, Commendation
2008 Colquhoun, I., The RIBA Book of British Housing, Elsevier Ltd, Selwyn Close & Coppice Park case study
2008 Bury Mount, Towcester; National Design Competition, First Prize
2008 Civic Trust Award, Commendation, Formby Pool
2007 English Partnerships publication, Urban Design Compendium 2, Selwyn Close case study
2007 RIBA Regional and National Award, Formby Pool
2007 HCA Leadership in creating Sustainable Communities, Commendation, Langthwaite Grange
2006 Building for Life Gold Award, Selwyn Close, Oldham
2005 RICS Award for Sustainability, Renewable Energy Centre (Beaufort Court Zero Emissions Building)
2004 RIBA Award, Renewable Energy Centre (Beaufort Court Zero Emissions Building)